Prompt Payment Returns

Government Decision No S29296 of 19 May 2009 requires that all Government Departments and Agencies pay suppliers within 15 days of receipt of a valid invoice. As part of this requirement, quarterly payment performance reports must be published on each organisation's website.


Prompt Payment Returns 2021

Q2 April-June 2021 PDF document

Q1 January-March 2021 PDF document


Prompt Payment Returns 2020

Q4 October-December 2020 PDF document

Q3 July-September 2020 PDF document

Q2 April-June 2020 PDF document

Q1 January-March 2020 PDF document


Prompt Payment Returns 2019

Q1 January-March 2019 PDF document

Q2 April-June 2019 PDF document

Q3 July-September 2019 PDF document

Q4 October-December 2019 PDF document


Prompt Payment Returns 2018

Q1 January-March 2018 PDF document

Q2 April-June 2018 PDF document

Q3 July-September 2018 PDF document

Q4 October-December 2018 PDF document


Prompt Payment Returns 2017

Q1 January-March 2017 PDF document

Q2 April-June 2017 PDF document

Q3 July-September 2017 PDF document

Q4 October-December 2017 PDF document


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