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The Chief State Solicitor's Office (CSSO) provides litigation, advisory and conveyancing services to Government Departments and Offices and to certain other State agencies. The CSSO also provides solicitor services at Tribunals and Commissions of Inquiry and represents Ireland at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The CSSO is a constituent element of the Office of the Attorney General. The principal functions of the Attorney General are to advise the Government in matters of law and legal opinion and to provide the State with both drafting and litigation services.

Picture of the Attorney General's Office.The other constituent elements of the Office of the Attorney General are:





Please note the following changes in relation to service of proceedings and correspondence.

Service of Proceedings

The CSSO has temporarily ceased its practice of confirming service of legal proceedings at time of service.

Legal proceedings served in person at the CSSO offices may be left in the designated area in Reception at Osmond House or the Chancery Building. They will be forwarded to the appropriate Section and will be acknowledged as soon as possible. Proceedings may also be served by post, in accordance with Order 121 of the Rules of the Superior Courts.


When corresponding with the CSSO at this time we encourage you to do so by email unless it is strictly necessary to do so by post, in which case you should notify the relevant person or Section by email that you have forwarded documents by post.

CSSO email addresses are in the format – if you do not have a contact name, please email and your email will be directed to the relevant person or Section.



Chief State Solicitor's Office, Osmond House, Little Ship Street, Dublin D08 V8C5, Ireland
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