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Customer Charter


The Chief State Solicitor's Office is a component part of the Office of the Attorney General and is the principal provider of solicitor services to the Attorney General and to all Government Departments and Offices. The Office also provides solicitor services to certain other State Agencies and to Tribunals of Inquiry, but does not act for members of the public.

Mission Statement

Our mission as set out in the Statement of Strategy of the Office of the Attorney General is to provide the highest standard of professional legal services to Government, Departments and Offices.

Commitment to Customers

We are committed to:

Service Standards

We have set the following service standards:

Service through Irish

The Office will make every effort to facilitate customers who wish to conduct business through the Irish language. In particular we will:


We are committed in the provision of our service to the principles of equality as enshrined in equality legislation.

We will raise staff awareness on equality and diversity issues.

Physical Access

We are committed to keeping our Office clean, safe and accessible to customers with disabilities.


We consider that feedback is an essential element in understanding the requirements of our customers

In order to evaluate our performance we would welcome any feedback or suggestions that you might have or if indeed our service has exceeded your expectations we would like to hear about it so that we can continue to provide you with a high quality service.

Help us to help you

To assist us in reaching our service standards, we would be grateful if you would quote our reference number in all communications with us.


If you have a complaint about the standard of service provided by us and are unable to resolve the matter with the officer concerned in this Office or his/her immediate superior, you may refer the complaint to the Head of Administration, Chief State Solicitor's Office at the address set out below.

All complaints will be dealt with promptly, fairly and impartially.

Contacting us

You may contact us at:

Chief State Solicitor's Office,
Osmond House,
Little Ship Street,
Dublin 8.

Our Telephone number is 01- 4176100. The Office also maintains a 'direct line' system which enables a direct telephone contact to the desk of the officer concerned. If you know the officer's extension number, you should replace the last four digits of the main telephone number with the extension number you require.

Staff of the Chief State Solicitor's Office can also be contacted at:

Forename _ Surname

Chief State Solicitor's Office, Osmond House, Little Ship Street, Dublin 8, Ireland.
Telephone: (+353 1) 417 6100
Fax: (+353 1) 417 6299

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