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The CSSO Policy on Accessibility

This site contains many features to help all people with various types of technologies and abilities access these pages. These include keyboard shortcuts for all major links and special links to enable users to jump over navigation bars to the next item. These features are described below. The site has been designed incorporating the standards as set by organisations such as the National Disability Association and

Skipping over the Side Navigation Bar

To skip over the side navigation bar to the main text of the page follow the link marked "Skip Navigation" provided at the start of the navigation. If this link is not apparent then simply use the access key of "s".

Using the Tab Key to jump between links

You can use the tab key on your keyboard to jump from one link to the next. All navigation bars in the site provide a logical order for this.

Increasing and decreasing text sizes

This site makes use of a small computer program which can change the size of the text size used in the site's pages. You can select on which ever text size you find most comfortable to work with. When you select the larger text size, the contrast on the page is automatically increased. This means that some of the colours will darken and others will lighten. This may be useful in low/strong lighting conditions, when working with a small monitor or for those with visual difficulties. You may also be able to supplement this feature by increasing or decreasing the font size that your browser applies. Please refer to your browser's documentation for more details.


Access Keys

Access keys or shortcut keys enable users (provided their browser software permits) to access links in the site by pressing the keys on their keyboard and may be used whenever you see a link with a letter underlined.

Depending on the user's browser software the keys below are usually pressed in combination with other keys such as ALT or CTRL. Consult your web browser documentation for further details.

The following are perhaps the most commonly used access keys:

S: Skip Navigation.
1: Home Page.
2: Office Organisation.
3: Site Map.
4: Search.


You will notice that when you print a page from this site that the side navigation and bottom links do not print. Similarly the layout will be slightly different than that which appears on your computer screen. This is because a special style sheet helps your printer to print the page quickly and with any surplus information.

PDF format (.pdf) or Adobe Acrobat format

Some of the information on this web site is available in PDF format to provide for easier reading and printing offline. This format is not (except in the case of the latest version, version 5) readily accessible to users with disabilities. Because of this we have endeavoured to provide versions of the documents in MS Word version also. We hope that this will accommodate users and comments and suggestions on how this service may be improved are welcome.


Searching the site

Using the 'search' link at the bottom of each page may cause confusion for some users as the search facility is hosted by a third party on another web site. Once a search is complete, however, and the user makes a selection from the search results, they will be returned to the appropriate page on this web site.

Let us Know

If you encounter any difficulties in using this site or would like to suggest improvements please let us know by emailing our webmaster at:

Accessibility Verification

This site has been tested with users who adopt various browsers and technologies together with users of various abilities.

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