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Social Media Policy

The Office of the Attorney General (AGO) is committed to providing the highest standard of professional legal services to Government, its Departments and Offices, as economically and efficiently as possible and to support adherence to the rule of law. Like many government departments and offices, we are exploring how to utilise social media to accomplish our mission and share information with the public about what we do.

This social media policy details how we interact with others and the type of content we post. The aim of the AGO’s social media presence is to promote the work of the Office including publications and reports and events attended by AGO staff. We have one social media account – LinkedIn: Office of the Attorney General of Ireland.


What to Expect

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you can expect content covering some or all of the following:

Reposts ≠ Endorsement



LinkedIn may occasional be unavailable and we accept no responsibility for lack of service during LinkedIn downtime.

The LinkedIn account is not monitored on a full-time basis and we are not available to respond to queries.


How we interact

Reposts, comments and likes are not endorsements of opinion. The AGO will repost and like content relevant to the work of the Office from various Departments, NGOs or stakeholders. However, we will not reply individually to comments or posts on LinkedIn. Please do not include private and personal information when engaging with us on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn should not be used to contact the AGO. For more information on the best way to contact us, please visit: Contact Us (


Reporting/ Blocking

Abusive or spam comments, posts and messages directed at members affiliated with the AGO will be deleted. This action might result in followers being blocked and reported directly to LinkedIn.