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Payments by Electronic Funds Transfer

The CSSO pays all Counsel and other suppliers by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Under this payment method, money is electronically forwarded directly into the nominated bank account of the Counsel or supplier. Payments can only be made into bank accounts held in the Republic of Ireland.

You may download the Authorisation Form for EFT payments below. On completion please return it to the Finance Unit, Chief State Solicitor’s Office, Osmond House, Little Ship Street, Dublin D08 V8C5, or by email to

Please note that in order to minimise the risk of fraud, all details supplied will be verified with the Counsel/supplier prior to any payments being made by EFT. If you have any queries in relation to EFT payments, please contact the CSSO Finance Unit at 01 417 5166 or by email at

EFT Authorisation Form Word Document


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