Annual Report 2006


Annex G: Training and Development Details, 2006


Training and Development - Merrion Street Office

Breakdown of Office Expenditure on Training & Development 2006.

Seminars and Conferences €5,445.65
Membership Fees €5,093.83
Staff Training and Development €134,228.42
Refunds of Fees €10,528.50
Cost of consultants and external trainers (incl. ACME) €57,027.88
IT Training €1,097.00
Trainer(s) salaries and overheads €6,496.67
All other costs associated with Training & Development* €22,178.24
Total €242,096.19
*(This figure is Travel and Subsistence costs directly related to Training & Developement  


Conferences, Seminars and Meetings attended by AGO Staff during 2006

11th Annual Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors
3rd Annual Planning and Environmental Law Conference
3rd World Women Lawyers Conference
5th Annual FOI Conference
7th Annual Prosecutors Conference
ACCA Ireland Public Sector Forum
Achieving Rights-based Child Law
Assistant Secretaries Network Annual Conference
Bar Council conference on Bioethics
Biomedicine & Ethics Conference
Change in Criminal Justice Policy and Practice Conference
Committee meeting of European Information Association
Conference on EU Battlegroups
Conference on EU Constitutional Treaty
Corporate Recovery Strategies
Custody and Detention -obligations, rights and remedies
Data Protection Practical Compliance Ist Annual Conference
DCMNR Fisheries Seminar
EU Criminal Justice Conference
European Extradition Warrant Conference
European Maritime Law Organisation Annual Conference
Extradition law and the EAW
Extradition, Deportation and Rendition Seminar
Family Law in Ireland Conference
FIDE Conference
Forensic Evidence Conference
Human Rights Law Conference
IBA Annual Conference
ICCA Ireland Autumn Lunch
ICEL Money laundering Conference
Immigration Law Seminar
Interdisciplinary conversations exploring the social roles of the embryo
Irish Agresso User Group Annual Conference
Irish Competition Law and Regulation
Irish Unicorn Users Group Meeting
Judicial Review Conference
Justice Group Meeting
Knowledge Management for the Legal Profession
LAI Seminar: Promoting Professional Practices
Law and the Environment Conference
Legislative Process Seminar
LIR Annual Seminar 2006
Litigation before Community Courts
LRC Annual Conference 2006 - Cohabitation: Models for Legal Reform
Medico-Legal Society of Ireland Golden Jubilee Conference
Meeting in Office of OPC in London
Planning Law Conference 2006
Policy Analysis Seminar
Practical Update on Corporate in the Public Sector
Practice Group Management - Maximising profitability & Driving Performance
Privacy and the Data Retention Directive
Records Management and Enterprise Content Management Conference
Seminar on Assisted Human Reproduction
Seminar on Biological Inventions (EU Directive 98/44/EC)
Seminar on quality of Legislation: The Finnish perspective
Seminar on the quality of legislation
Statute Law Society Annual Lecture and Dinner
Summit of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
The Business of Public Policy and Regulation
The Future of the EU Constitutional Treaty
Training Strategies for Professional Services
Update, Upskill, Upgrade: European Information Seminar

Training undertaken by Merrion St. Office Staff during 2006 (No. of Staff attending training event)

Training No. of Staff
MS Excel 3
MS Word 2
MS Access 1
Typing Training 2
Employment Law Masterclass 3
EO/SO Test Preparation


Advanced People Skills for Personal and Executive Assistants 1
Practical Guide to Corporate Governance in the Public Sector 4
Period/Year End Returns - Mentec 1
Employee Engagement for Law Firms 1
Project Management


Assertiveness Skills 2
IMI Course: Front Line Management The Foundation Skills 2
Institute of Internal Auditors Course 1
Interviewee Course 1
Training Strategies for Professional Services 1
Leading Successful Teams 1
Managing Budgets to deliver objectives 1
Understanding the Modern Irish Civil Service 1
Mentec General Ledger Course 1
Minute Taking Course 1
IACT Webmaster Course 1
Personal Effectiveness for Admin Staff 1
Successful Interviewing Skills for the Interviewer 2
Records management and Enterprise Content Management in Government and Public Bodies 1
Occupational First Aid 1
ICEL - Privacy and the Data Retention Directive 2
Time Management 2
HDRS Disaster Planning Course 1
Stress Elimination 3
In-house training for Library Staff 1
IOSH Managing Safely 1
Higher Diploma in Policy Analysis 1
Refund of Fees: Awarded to 5 Staff Members  


Training and Development - CSSO

Breakdown of Chief State Solicitor’s Office

Expenditure on Training & Development 2006

Training Budget
The total expenditure on Training and Development in 2006 was €332,828.

The Training budget allocation was broken into three specific areas:

Delegated Budget
The total expenditure for the Delegated Budget during 2006 was €102,574. The Division Heads hold responsibility for the delegated Budget. For 2006 the budget equated to €700 per person in each Division.

Refund of Fees
A total of 17 people claimed refund of fees in respect of the Refund of Fees Scheme for the academic year 2005/2006. The amount refunded under this scheme in 2006 was €51,015.

Holding Fund
The Holding fund expenditure for 2006 was €179,239. This fund was used for the payment of training rooms in various hotels for courses run throughout the year along with the expenditure on training for (a) the GFP Consult Senior Management and Staff Training & Development Programme (b) Positive Working Environment workshops and (c) Visual Files training.


Training Provided in the CSSO in 2006

Areas Identified Total Provided   Areas Identified Total Provided
Information Technology     Mediation 3
Microsoft Word - Beginners 1   Negotiation Skills 12
Microsoft Word - Intermediate 7   Probate/Trust 1
Microsoft Word - Advanced 6   Public Law Seminars 3
Excel - Beginners 1   Public Procurement 10
Microsoft Outlook Beginners 1   Residential of Deeds & Titles Act 2006 11
Publisher 1   Self Management for Solicitors 1
Access 1   Tort Law 1
ECDL 1   Development & Skills  
Legal Training     ACME 40
Advocacy 7   Agresso 14
Appraisal Skills for Solicitors 7   Assertiveness in the Workplace 1
Arbitration 2   Communications Skills 200
Commerical Court 4   Credibility, Communication and Management 42
Commercial Lending 1   Customer Service 1
Community Law 1   Health & Safety 2
Company Law     Managing in the CSSO 42
Conveyancing 16   Managing Electronic Resources 1
Criminal Law 2   Manual Handling 19
Cross Examination 1   Minute Taking 10
Data Protection for Public Service 8   Personal Development 240
Effective Absence Management 3   Project Management 1
Employment Law 11   Presentation Skills 1
Environmental Law 1   PMDS 19
European Arrest Warrant 3   Positive Working Environment 122
Human Rights Law 14   Public Management 1
Immigration Law 13   Report Writing 13
Landlord and Tenant Litigation 3   Self Development 200
Land Registry 7   Strategic Thinking 42
Legal Research Skills 10   Stress Elimination 8
Legislative Process 1   Time Management 2
Litigation Seminars 23   Typing 7


Training Provided by the CSSO Library in 2006

LexisNexis Butterworths Training - September 20th 2006
On-call Panel Training - November 16th 2006


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